Friday, 15 May 2009

#36 Cannes Film Festival Is In Full Swing: Day 2

A few posts back I listed the films that would be at this years top French film festival. This post is all about what I have heard about the films from sites like Total Film and Empire Online among others. Hopefully someday I’ll be there with either a film of my own or reporting on future films. Well lets get started with the film that open the festival.

Well Pixar’s Up was the first film to be shown and is SUPER 3D! Well from what I heard it sounds pretty good. Apparently from an video review on Total Film, the first twenty five minutes is the best thing Pixar has done. But hold the phone. Didn’t people say that about Pixar’s last box office hit Wall-E? The answer being yes. But what seems to happen with Pixar film is that they want to look like grown ups (pun intended) but sell out there films after forty minutes of so with cheap childish jokes. I guess the target audiences are seven year olds but come on. At least make one Arthouse film. Pixar could be the western Studio Ghibli. Think about it.

Secondly, Humpday was shown today. Humpday starts Mark Duplass and someone homeless looking guy, as they do gay porn which is “so gay it’s not gay” or something. Anyways it’s the latest mumblecore film to come out of America so I’m going to try see that somewhere (if it comes to England). I also like the Duplass brothers who are best known for their mumblecore films; The Puffy Chair and Baghead, which I recommend. Apart from four people walking out the film is said to be good. The sex scenes are also not graphic like Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain so I can’t see why people would walk out?

On the 24th May, the jury announces the winners so check back around then to get my thoughts on the winners plus news on the other films.

Oliver Hunt


  1. I`m not sure that Pixar is the Wests Ghibli the themes and issues of the two are so very different, look at the characters they use.

  2. Yes, but my point was that the majority of people in the west think of Studio Ghibli films, as not so much as mature films but their films are watched but older people whilst kids watch Disney. So what if Pixar became more artistic like Studio Ghibli?