Tuesday, 8 December 2009

#51 Top Films of the decade! Who will win?

So here it is. The last post of the decade and what a better way to finish it of but to post my top films of the decade and my personal favourite. Now first I want to say is that this is purely subjective. Obviously people will disagree but these are the films I personally thought where the best films of the decade.

Enjoy and comment.

2009 – Drag Me To Hell – Sam Raimi

Why- Raimi returns to horror since Bruce Campbell vs The Army or Darkness. This film was so good you can sign my up for Evil Dead 4.

2008 – Cloverfield – Matt Reeves

Why- Best monster movie of the past few decade. The great publicity and mockumentary style film making all contribute to it being one of the top films.

2007 – No Country for Old Men – Coan Brothers

Why- The brothers strike back with one of the best book to film adaptations ever. The pacing of the film and tension combined with Brolin’s fine performance and Javier’s bad hair equal a timeless thriller.

2006 – El laberinto del fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth) – Guilimo Del Toro

Why- Like Spirited Away, Del Toro shows that fairy tales aren’t just for kids. Even if El laberinto del fauno was certificate 15.

2005 – Kiss, Kiss Bang, Bang - Shane Black

Why- My favourite Robert Downey Jr film which Wikipedia summed up - "crime/black comedy film, whick engages many conventions of the classic film noir genre in a tongue-in-cheek fashion."

2004 – Side Ways - Alexander Payne

Why- A light and very mature comedy which grabbed and surprised me. Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church work great together as two friend dealing with growing old, responsibilities and playing golf.

2003 – Lost in Translation – Sofia Coppola
Why- A beautiful romance which doesn’t involve sex but two sad souls who need each other. Will we ever know what Murray whispered to Johansson.

2002 – Spirited Away - Hayao Miyazaki
Why- Hayao Miyazaki shows that animated films aren’t just for kids. The magical characters and landscapes are timeless more over then any Disney film.

2001 – Donnie Darko
Why- Richard Kelly’s sci-fi horror did very badly in America but well in Europe captured me with the twisted tale of teen angst and a guy in a bunny suit.

2000 – Memento – Christopher Nolan

Why- Memento has the best editing in any movie I have ever scene. The was so impressive it would inspire any new film-maker.

And Film of the Decade goes to-

Hayao Miyazaki’s SPIRITED AWAY

And there you have it folks. I’d like to thank Kid in the Front Row for all his help with my blog (he’s doing a great job) and I’d like to thank the few people who read this and enjoy it. And if you want to join the team contact me for further details.

Oliver J. Hunt and the New Film Blog out...

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