Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Indescribable... Indestructible! Nothing Can Stop It! It’s… it’s... the Yob!

Possibly a bit over dramatic but you know where I’m going with this. It seems these days the biggest thing we fear in our country (of England not America) isn’t nuclear war, or the economy but the yob culture. After watching film such as Eden Lake, Harry Brown and more recently Heartless I began to think about if this is such a national fear we all share?

Spoilers ahead

In Eden Lake, a group of teenagers terrors led by none other then Jack O’Connell, haunt a happy couple played by Michael Fassbender and Kelly Reilly as a beautiful day turns to hell by the evening. Whilst the movie as a whole is unbelievably flawed the performances are good (as expected from O’Connell and Fassbender) and you do actually fear O’Connell’s character. He shows so little care for human life and forces his followers into committing horrendous acts. The fact that they tie up Fassbender’s character and stick a utility knife in his mouth, over the death of a beloved pet is horrible to even think about. That scene still haunts me.

Then you look at Harry Brown in which an O.A.P (in this case Michael Cain) is so scared to walk down the street after the death of his friends that he has to fight back.
The yobs in Harry Brown are really threatening to society in one pointless scene two yobs circle a mother with child before gunning her down. It’s scene like these that make me wonder where the writer got the inspiration. Sure, you hear enough about it in the news but now that it’s seeping into our contempory British cinema shows that we as a society no long fear organized gang warfare but it’s the kids we fear most.
Also Harry Brown unlike Eden Lake is actually well told but still pretty unbelievable.

And then you arrive at Heartless which has the most interesting thoughts on yobs in the East End of London. Jim, the birth-marked photography who spends most of his time alone, stumbles across a gang of yobs one night around an open fire (typical Friday night) only to discover they are actually Lizard Demons. The new reports about their brutal murders and sacrificial ritual that it is just normal kids in masks however our hero knows. It’s this which leads him to descend into hell and back. The facts that the demons walk around in hoods and track suit bottoms really was an interesting twist on it.

What I believe is that the Yob culture in Britain is actually having an effect on the mental stability of the people in our society. We (the non-yobs) see them as a threat but also as animals that are reckless and naive and so carless for human life.
Is this a reflection of our current society? Or is it just over exaggerations for propaganda against them? Who know, but all we can do in the mean while is run and hide under a rock.


  1. Throughout history the Cinema has portrasyed youth culture as alien and dangerous to culture and society see the early 50`s movies about Biker Gangs On the Waterfront as a great example