Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Latest Films and NFB News

As many of you know I have recently run off to university so haven’t had time to think about blogging anything. I have settled in so I plan on doing some proper blogs. First of all I have an Unlimited Card at Cineworld so have been taking full advantage of that. So this will be a quick blog/review for the movies I have seen over the few weeks.

Also coming up I am heading to Leicester Square to go the BFI’s festival screening of Cloverfield director Matt Reeves’ remake of the brilliant Swedish vampire tale Let the Right One In (review here) names Let Me In. So after I have seen that I will be posting my thoughts on whether Roger Ebert was right.

So movies I have seen recently are as followed-

The Other Guys – it’s terrible, Will Farrel is quickly burning out after the success of genuinely funny Anchorman. Ferrel needs to go back and do something interesting: Stranger Then Fiction.
Salt – Once again a pointless and ludicrous story will naf acting. Salt’s been compared to movies like The Bourn Conspiracy but I feel it’s completely lacking in believability or entertainment.
Back to the Future: part 1 – classic movie worth seeing on the big screen. GO SEE IT.
The Town – If you’ve seen Michael Mann’s Heat, go watch it again because it’s The Town’s lead inspiration (despite it being based on a book) and feels like a children’s dramatisation of the classic heist movie.
Buried – Great underrated movie which reminded me of Hitchcock’s Rope. Don’t believe the terrible reports this is something worth seeing. Just remember the writer and director had to keep it in one very small location. That is talent.
Made In Dagenham – Great movie with Sally Hawkin’s leading. Very empowering to women and at the centre has a great heart.

So that’s it so far, I’m going to a preview screening of The Social Network tonight so that should be worth a blog. And the movie of the week is-


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