Sunday, 1 March 2009

#23 Movie News! 29-02-09

I couldn’t actually think of something to write about to I decided I would tell you guys about the latest movie news of the past couple of days.

First of all, Ridley Scott is making a Robin Hood movie. I know a tad weird whilst looking at Scott’s back catalogue of film. If that’s not weird enough Russell Crowe is playing, you guess it Robin along side Oscar winner Cate Blanchett as Main Marion. Personally I don’t like Crowe but love Banchett and I all ready hate the sound of this film. Ok, there was a television show on BBC, now leave it at that. Who’s going to take it seriously? But then again with a budget of over $130m, they can make it look classy. Lastly it’s not entitled ‘Robin Hood’ but ‘Nottingham’. Also its in early production so we will have to wait until 2010 for it’s release.

Next Samuel L. Jackson has finally been signed to be in a few Marvel Comic film’s as Nick Frost. At first he wanted to do it, then decided not to, and now is doing it (obviously he’s running out of $50 notes to wipe his arse with). He will star are the comic book spy in the ‘Captain America’ movie, the ‘Thor’ movie and the ‘S.H.I.E.L.D’ movie and if luck have it he will be in there sequels. In fairness the resemblance to the character he will be playing is uncanny (no Xmen pun intended) so good luck to him bon that.

There have been a lot of remakes and sequels announced such as ‘Never Ending Story’ which sounds like an excuse to cash in on the franchise. It’s being made by the producers who are working on the classic 88 anime flick ‘Akira’ (it makes me sick thinking about it, watch the film and you’ll understand what I say). There is also a ‘Clue’ (or ‘Clue-do to anyone this side of the of the Atlantic) film coming out which I’m curious how it will work will they walk a step and stop for a while before moving again then at the end guess the killer will cards? On the sequels front ‘Friday 13th’ is getting one alongside the final Harry Potter movie ‘Deathly Hallow part 1’ due to release on 10th Nov 2010, not sure when the second is due to be released. Also Wednesday, Warners postponed the release of Richie’s "Sherlock Holmes" to Dec. 25 from Nov. 1.

Oliver Hunt

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