Thursday, 26 February 2009

#22 S. Darko: Trailer Impressions

This blog contains SPOILERS for ‘Donnie Darko’.

Before you read please watch the trailer…

S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale, Official Trailer (2009)

For those that haven’t worked it out, S. Darko is the sequel to the classic ‘Donnie Darko’ (2001). It’s going straight to DVD so it will not turn people away from watching the original (if it could). Now I am really torn, at first I was disgusted about someone even thinking of making a sequel and from the trailer I was horrified. Then I watched it again and I’m interested how it will turn out? At least they got Daveigh Chase to return to the role of Donnie’s younger naive sister Samantha and not someone else. It’s also the return of the tummy condoms that tell people where to go and the bubble wall thing, because we have all missed them both and there… “powers”.

The things that look stupid are mainly the comets. What’s up with that honestly? Then there’s some thing with a missing child? Then there’s a shot at 2.03, where, I don’t know who it is but a fire ball comes out of her hand? That’s stupid, that’s so stupid? What is she Pyro from ‘X Men 2’ or the Human Touch? There seems to be more of a super hero theme going on unlike the original which was about time travel. Then there’s also some veiny guy who looks like Edward from ‘Twilight’ (1.59). There is also some guy running around saying the world is going to end, who just looks like an idiot (first seen 0.55). So ‘S. Darko’ is a mix between a super hero movie, a vampire movie, and the original sci-fi film. Bad combination.

Oh and I can’t stop there, then there’s some bird thing flying towards earth, as if a Phoenix has a grudge against American teens. Finally there seems to be a strong Christian scenes that if they mention God or Jesus will really really put me off.

Now the reasons why I want to see it. To be honest for a straight to DVD films it looks ok. Ok being the slight chance I would go out of my busy way to see it. The thriller aspect of the film looked good. I was really curious to every thing, all the little questions that were asked in the trailer are part of why I want to see it. Also there some guy who looks like a younger slightly more attractive Steve Buscemi (1.24), which made me laugh. Then the titles role before cutting to the weirdest thing about the film. Samantha sitting in front of Frank, didn't he die? But as a friend said to me “bunnies named frank never really die…”. However it could be him because Frank never died in the original. Sure Donnie shot his but then time rewound and Frank was alive. This last bit when he says “Wake up”, that was cool to me.

So to sum up, I’m not going to go out of my way to see a bizarre remake however if we cross paths then I obviously will watch it and right a review (which will most likely destroy it). Really if they took out all the vampires, phoenixes, super heroes and left in the Buscemi’s younger twin, I would be thinking something else. I could have even got a cinematic release. Really I thought what with 'Donnie Darko', Donnie was a messed up kid and saw invisible bunnies who told him when the world would end even if it didn't it just rewound (or something). And it was only in the end there are different ways of interpreting it, what's why it was fantastic. I doubt 'S. Darko' will carry on the trend not only with that but with a lot of thing.

Oliver Hunt

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