Sunday, 5 April 2009

#30 Bruno & Where The Wild Things Are Trailer Impressions!

Two new trailers have been released for ‘Bruno’ and ‘Where The Wild Things Are’. So I thought I would write a quick, first impressions on the two trailers. I have also put both trailer links at the bottom for you guys to check them out yourself.

I will start with Sacha Baron Cohan’s new pro gay mockumentary; ‘Bruno’. If you don’t know who Bruno is, he is one of Sacha Baron Cohan’s creations; he is a gay German model as he tries to make it big. What can I say, it’s exactly what we expect from Baron Cohan. Its hilarious, controversial, fun as Bruno travels around America. From the trailer its seems like it is going to cause an uproar among a lot of people. I’m definitely going to go see this because even if it’s racist, or sexist or homophobic its all a joke. I am also a big Sacha Baron Cohan fan so I wouldn’t even think about missing this.

Now on to something that I am really exited for; ‘Where The Wild Things Are’. This is of course based on the popular child’s book and it is no surprise that its final had an adaptation. The thing is the film looks just really nice and happy. It has a easy feel about it. The Wild Things make you want to hug them with their fur and there cute horns. I know this film will be a classic because it looks like its going to be a feel good movie and separate its self from others. I think you have to watch it before commenting on it. The film doesn’t even have a target audience, its appeals to kids, teens, adults and the elderly, and that’s why I think that is why it will be successful. I can’t wait for this one.

Where The Wild Things Are Trailer

Bruno Trailer

Oliver Hunt

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