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#40 Review For ‘Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen’ (2009)

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What do you want me to say? Do you want me to say that I loved Transformers: Revenge OF The Fallen? Not to be mistaken for Transformers 2 because franchises are bad, bad New Film Blog! Well I didn’t. In fact this movie made me sad. If this is the direction cinema is heading. And by that I mean: boring actors, unchallenging script and explosions left, right and centre. Then what’s the point.

After I saw Transformers and as I was walking past other film posters I wondered why I hadn’t seen something like the Hangover or even The Last House on the Left (exactly). Transformers is just a bad film. It’s demographic audience it only 8-16 years olds. The type of audience who is exited but explosions. If your easily impressed like so many are then go see it, what do I care. But if you want something with substance wait till July. Or buy a DVD of a good film.

It’s not hard to see that I hate Michael Bay. Yes his style is CG/American Propaganda but it’s just hard to bare. It’s only Armageddon I can stomach because of Bruce Willis and Steve Buchimi. The rest of his films are boring. He produced the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remakes which I enjoyed. But he looses points for producing The Unborn which is the worst horror I have ever seen. Fact of the matter is this: If Michael Bay is the voice of our generation of film making then I was born in the wrong generation.

To complete my hate of cast and crew Shia LeBoeuf is in this. I dislike the kid because he hasn’t sold me on anything. I haven’t seen Disturbia because I’d rather see Rear Window so I can’t comment of all his acting abilities but he’s just so boring to watch. Then Megan Fox comes on screen and it completes my hate. I don’t find her attractive. So she’s not needed on screen. She’s there for the dads who go to the cinema with their sons. She runs in slow motion twice in the films and no one was looking at the explosions behind her that’s for damn sure. Then the rest of the actors and voices are blurs to me so I can’t comment on them.

The script is terrible. The films two and a half hours long off pure dribble. Nothing about it stood out. The humour was cheap laughs and the rest was just hammy one liners. I think the writers need to be exiled from humanity to go write bad scripts on some other planet. Roberto Orci who wrote the story for Star Trek also wrote this massive step down. It all leads up to the end fight which is granted better then the rest of the film but doesn’t pay off where Megatron and Starscream just run away. To think to end a franchise would be a terrible thing. So there will be a third which I will totally boycott don’t you worry.

Really I haven’t done into depth about this film, but what you going do? I don’t get paid for this so what ever. If your eight years old, like explosion and overrated women on screen go see and enjoy but if you appreciate films wait till Bruno or Public Enemies. Yes the CG where impressive but like the first film the fights are just metal shrapnel rolling about together. Not good. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is indeed better then the first but not good enough it impressed me. The next one should be set in Tokyo. And should have a sort of B-Movie feel to it. Then that would be a good film.

Oliver Hunt

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