Sunday, 28 June 2009

#41 MAFIAS 09, I WON!

In short, 'Patrol' my short film won the 'AS Best Film' award. Which I am thrilled about becuase it's acturly the first and only trophy I have won and it's for a short film! So it's all shaping up. After we lost the award for 'Best Setting' (which in all honestly I thout if we won an award it would be that one) I was on a downer. Then they showed the contestants for the 'AS Best Film' and I felt like we had lost becuase of all the raw talent. Put 'Patrol' came through and I'm happy. My acceptance speech and a clip of 'Patrol' (the only clip online) is on youtube and on my page. Check it out...This weeked I begin 'Much Ado About The Universe' so im looking foward to that. Which is a documentry about my cooky friend! So I'll be putting that on Youtube with in the next few weeks.

For those who have noticed I now go by the name of Olive J. Hunt for film related stuff (excluding New Film Blog). I just like the ring to it so that going to be on my work from now on.

Oliver J. Hunt accepting the award for 'Best AS film'

Nomination clip for 'Best AS Film' - Mafia Awards 09

This is the only place on the internet to watch 'Patrol'. Even if it is a slice of it I hope you enjoy.

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  1. That is so wonderful that you won--recognition just feels splendid. I just wanted to say...(eeekkk) I like Oliver J. Hunt rather that Olive, which sounds less distinguished. But who am I to say anyway...just thought I'd tell ya.

  2. Wow thank you your probably one of the first people to like Oliver J. Hunt. That means a hole lot to me seeing how now on my scripts I write I put its by Oliver J. Hunt. :)

  3. Hi Oliver, well, I just thought I'd be honest with ya. Glad you appreciate it. I like what you've written on your new post and also wanted to thank you for following my blog. I've got about 15 pages of my activist script. For a title I'm thinking "A Righteous Cause" It's based on a true story...Mine. Good luck with the writing and take care!