Thursday, 17 September 2009

#47 First Impression on the Hitchcock Storyboard Composer


This is technology… I was linked this by a friend and naturally watched it only to find that this sort of equipment can be used on a iPhone or iPod Touch. Professional looking storyboarding and you can do it on the go. If technology has gotten this good what will come in the future?One of the first things I said to my friend was I would want this on my laptop. It looks great, acts great (from speculation) and can be sent as a PDF file. The company it comes from is Cinemek who appear to make 35mm lenses so for them to make this is right out of left field.If you are a director and have a iPod Touch or iPhone then I recommend you get it. This is from first impressions so I could be wrong but for £11 it seems like a bargin. If I had more for a iPod Touch or iPhone I would definitely get it because it looks like a great app. It’s on the app store now go check it out…

Oliver J. Hunt

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