Friday, 6 November 2009

#48 Go watch Movie Buzz!

A NEW POST? WHAT IS THIS? Yeah I’m back from the dead people and here to give a quick post on someone very special to me. Ok not that special but I wait every week (twice a week) for this guy to leave a new video. And by that I guess you guess it’s a video from YouTube. And you would be right. Movie Buzz is a video form Peter Rallis over in the states and ever week: Tuesday and Friday, he posts a new video about the latest movie news, reviews and trailers and all in five minutes. Can you believe it? SO it’s great on those busy mornings before work or school to watch as he puts a smile on your square eyed faces.

Movie Buzz YouTube page

This video below is his one from Tuesday so watch it an catch up before his new video which should go out today. Once you watch I garantee you'll subscribe to him.

Movie Buzz 179: Prince Of Persia Trailer, Roger Rabbit 2, DVDs & More!


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