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#19 Review For ‘Curious Case Of Benjamin Button’ (2009)

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The first thing I’m going to say is that ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ is based on a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald
and was not based on a true story. Looking back on director David Fincher’s filmography, he has done some rather fantastic films. He has directed such great films like ‘Fight Club’ (1999), ‘Zodiac’ (2007), ‘Se7en’ (1995), so it’s easy to see the connection between Pitt and Fincher and the great work they have done. And with another great film under his belt he’s is really doing well for himself even if he’s not really been noticed by the non-film fanatic audiences.

The story revolves around a man called Benjamin, who instead of getting older like the rest of nature, goes the opposite way and grows younger (on reflection of the story its was absolutely insane to write a story about a man growing younger). Anyways, he grows younger every day whilst watching the people around him grow old and die. The story takes the protagonist all around the world for nearly three hours so remember you have to sit through half an hour of adverts at most cinemas (I only say this becuase my bum was numb by the end of the film). The film obviously has its touching parts’ especially at the end and had people around me sobbing quietly, it also had a great blend of comedy and drama to play with the audiences emotions.

A couple of positives for the film, Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett have a great connection though out the film. During the romantic scenes it seems as if they are destined to be with each other (as cheesy as that sounds). Apart from the two main characters there was some other great acting talents like British actor Jason Flemyng. Also the story is very interesting however seems to get bland towards the end. At least it’s different from a lot of films that come out. I guess during this period of serious films such as ‘Milk’ and ‘Frost/Nixon’ its nice to see something that’s plays heavily on the emotions that ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ didn’t.

Now for the negatives, even though it won an award for its use of CG I thought it was very over used and noticeable which distracted me at parts during the beginning of the film. Also I loved the first half of the film because it was all old and magical seeing Pitt getting younger, however towards the end of the film it seemed more ordinary and even slightly boring due to the fact that it lost its spark that it had at the beginning. However it had to be in it to tell the rest if the story and tie up the loose ends.

With ‘Curious Case Of Benjamin Button’ I couldn‘t help but feel that it was trying to be a modern ‘Forrest Gump’ (1994)but with a twist. His seemingly ridicules life is full of brilliant character (who each influenced his life in a different way and great locations around the world from New Orleans to Moscow, the character of Benjamin was definitely a traveler. Even though my opinion of the film may seem contradictory at times, the point I'm trying g to get out is that it's a great film and all but it's not going to be remembered as a classic like 'Forrest Gump' was. I think that if you are going to the cinema then you should go see it after other films which I not need to mention, but it’s great for couple to go see. We will have to see this sunday what the Acadamy thinks on Fincher's lastest flick.
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Oliver Hunt

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