Friday, 24 July 2009

#42 Inglourious Basterds London Premiere

I am a massive Quentin Tarantino fan. Everyone knows it. I don’t hide it. So when I heard QT had a new movie Inglourious Basterds coming out not one year ago I knew I had to go to the premiere (I think it went something like that). Well it was Pulp Fiction that got me into loving movies so I felt it was my duty to go. And I am glad I did! I not only saw the big QT but I high-fived him and got my DVD copy of Pulp Fiction signed!

I went up at 2:30 pm and was told I would see anything. And even the rain didn’t stop me from going, I was more determined then Jack Torrance breaking through the bathroom door. Then when we got there we where welcomed be other Tarantino fans. Well we (myself and three other QT fans) got a good spot and began the fun fun waiting game. Two hours we waited. Two slow hours of anticipation and nerves. It was sick. It was like some Auschwitz torched (pun intended). Well for the first hour we got to see how premieres are prepared, which was interesting (I guess). Then the second hour I spent listening to others talk whilst songs from Quentin’s other movies played on a loud speaker. And I could totally say which films each song was in (a little smug comment) which made me feel better about waiting.

Then people stared to come. And everyone in the crowed waited for the main man of the hour. More and more people flocked into the ODEON cinema which was when I realised how much someday I was to be here with people waiting outside my movie just to see me. Anyways, snap back to reality I saw several people who worked at Total Film and where at Cannes Film Festival. That impressed me. I was probably the only person to knew and cared. A man looking like Omar Doom (Death Proof) also walked down the carpet with a very creepy looking lady and after IMDB’ing him I found out he is in the movie so that sort of confirms it was him. So more and more critics and other people where going in when I heard “There he is”. I stood on my toes and looked all the way down the road and saw him. Quentin Tarantino. Sporting a black shirt with normal jeans. I couldn’t believe it was him. A man in front of me (who knew his stuff and obviously did this for a living and by that I mean getting signatures and selling then on) said he would be definitely coming this way. And he did. Just seeing him was enough. But when he got close and I could hear his voice I knew I wasn’t in some dream. When he got to me and my friend I got my DVD signed but that’s to it. I shoved my handed out of the crowed and he shook it. His hands where soft. But then I also high-fived him. And trust me on this. High-fiving your role model is an amazing feeling which can’t be described. Then he moved on.
Also there was Mickey Rourke, Christophe Waltz, Diane Kruger and that woman from Scream. So the majority of celebs who went weren’t even in the film. Brad Pitt wasn’t there but I heard form the guy in front of me that he was busy working which could be Moneyball
but only a guess. Eli Roth wasn’t there either which I was most disappointed with. Him being my third favourite director after Kevin Smith (person wise not film). But I went I saw and now I can die happy.

All my picture are on my facebook but I have also made a video with clips and photo’s of the premiere. Check it out below.




Inglorious Basterds London Premiere edited by me

Oliver Hunt

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