Friday, 21 August 2009

#43 Bear With Me! Premature Love Quotes

I haven’t done a post in a long time and the reason is simply I’ve been living the summer up and working on new script. I’ve been posting quote from it and people seem to be enjoying it. So here they are for my small blog community. I’m seeing Ingloriouse Basterds on Sunday at my favourite Art House cinema (and favourite cinema overall) The Duke of Yorks cinema in Brighton, so a review will come for that. And I have something planned to talk about Jack Black and Will Farrel’s acting going to the kids. So keep checking folk….

Here are some quotes from my latest script 'Premature Love' (working title) I have been posting on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Thought people might like to read. Comment if you like...

MARCUS – ‘Well we wanna know why you don’t think Donnie is the better Wahlberg?’
JAMES - ‘He made ‘The Sixth Sense’ what it is.’
CAMERON – ‘He was in it for four minutes.’

ALEX - ”Ok, I hate to ruin this little... moment or what ever between you to sexual repressed homosexuals but I have got to go.”
BEN - ”What again? The movies only just started?”
ROB - ”Sexual repressed?”

JAMES - "Jim Morrison is the Jesus of smoking pot. Their music just fits so well with it."
CAMERON - "Wouldn’t that make him the Shakespeare?"
JAMES - "Who cares?"

Becca - "Well look at us. We’re perfect for each other and too fucked up for anyone else. We’re both incomplete."

MARCUS- ”Alex if you wanna bring her, bring her. But if she gives birth on my living room floor, your delivering it.”
ALEX – “Fine. The most unlikely of situations, but whatever.”
MARCUS - ”I’m just saying.”

MARCUS - “Now I know how Swayze felt in that movie.”

ALEX - (still looking for Kathryn) ”Point Break?”

MARCUS-“Point Break no? I don’t feel like a surfing bank robber right now. That film where he fucking stalks Demmi More and Woopie Goldberg.”

ALEX – “Oh shit.”

MARCUS – “What dude? Did you just realise your uglier them Willem Dafoe and Steve Buscemi’s bastard offspring?”

ALEX - ”No.”

MARCUS - ”I’m just asking. You have a Mr Pink and Sgt. Elias thing about you.”

- Premature Love



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