Thursday, 22 January 2009

#10 Top 5 Adverts

And now for something completely different. Quite literally with out the Monty Python quote. With all the oceans of terrible adverts on our small screens, I though I’d give you guys a list of the top five adverts that I think go beyond what they are selling. Be that in a funny or serious way. Some of the adverts are old ones but still great. Another thing it seems that the only good adverts are car and beer ones (adverts in general), weird I know but we will just roll with it.

What’s strange about this list is that the majority of them were done by the same company called Fallon London. With a wide variety of British and American adverts, Fallon London’s advert all ways makes you remember the product they are selling even with out telling you the product. From a baby running a toilet paper company (Velvet, ‘Baby MD Food’) to cars make out of cake (Skoda, ‘Baking Of Fabia’) they have produced some fantastic adverts.

So lets get to it…

5. Cadbury’s Gorilla Advert – Fallon London

Ok, I know it’s predictable but after it was aired, everyone was listening to Phil Collins and trying to make gorillas play the drums. No just me? Anyways it was very well done with a gorilla expert on hand to help with the little facial movements. Fallon London really went the extra mile to make the advert look realistic, now that’s dedication.

Cabury's Gorillia Advert

4. Xbox 360 "Trainstation" Advert (Banned)

Even though it was banned I still love this advert. It’s funny enough to not take its self seriously and with everyone in the train station taking part it is the best violent/funny advert in the small list.

Xbox 360 "Trainstation" Advert (Banned)

3. Budwiser “Oh Baby, Baby” – Fallon London

There’s only one reason why this advert is only the list. Because it is the kind of thing that guys would do if stuck in a room with only beer and instruments. Really you just have to watch it and judge for your self whether you find it funny or not.

Budwiser "Oh Baby, Baby"

2. Volkswagen “Guardian Angel” Advert - Ephinx

Really the advert doesn’t sell the car but was a fantastic idea. A lone guardian angel searching for someone to look after, search the city for another single soul to protect. It has a really nice story that would have been an even better short film. This is why there should be more adverts between programs. If big companies like Ephinx and Fallon London kept inspiring more advertisement companies to create more of these adverts the world would be a better place.

Volkswagen "Guardian Angel" Advert

1. Sony BRAVIA ‘Balls’ – Fallon London

What can I say about this? When I am unhappy it always cheers me up. With 250,000 bouncing balls, none of them were FX. And what a simply idea as well that turned out to be one of the most beautiful things I have seen on the small screen. With the mix of slow motion and real time the audience call really see all the little details. The use of static camera really frames the picture of San Francisco, whilst mixing it up with some subjective shots (e.g. the woman staring out the window). The choice of shooting it in San Francisco was a great choice because of it architecture. This is also one of the only adverts were the director of photography must be credited. With only curtain parts in focus, the audience can really appreciate the colours. And lastly the soundtrack performed by José González (entitled ‘Heartbeats’) really lightens and relaxes the mood. In all you can see why I enjoy watching this simple advert over and over again.

Soney BRAVIA "Balls"(super HD)

This was just a short list that I wrote. After all the adverts that they put on television I thought I would share the ones that really stood out to me (with the exception of the Xbox one). Now that I am a Fallon London fan I will definitely watch out for more of their brilliant adverts. If I could get a chance to work with them I would definitely be all over it.

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