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#3 2009, What To Expect?

#3 2009, What To Expect?

Ok so 08 is at an end and what a year for cinema. With great films like the Coen Brother’s Burn After Reading and Tim Burton’s Sweeny Todd, it has definitely a great year but not only for high concept movies but for independent cinema as well. Granted there are a lot of films to be forgotten like Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and Lucas’s Star Wars: Clone Wars. But what does 09 have to offer? Here is a quick list of films coming out during the new year.

The Wrestler (Aronofsky)
Watchmen (Snyder)
Inglorious Bastards (Tarantino)
Che part 1&2 (Soberbergh)
The Spirit (Miller)
Slumdog Millionaire (Boyle)
Notorious (Tillman)
X-Men: Origins (Hood)
Lesbian Vampire Killers (Claydon)
Monsters vs. Aliens (Rob Letterman, Conrad Vernon)
Public Enemies (Mann)
Terminator Salvation (McG, yeah that’s his name)
Angels & Demons (Howard)
Up (Doctor/Peterson)
The Rum Diary (Robinson)

This is a couple of predictions about how I think these films will turn out, not in the box office because the worst films can rake in millions but just in quality in films but just over all in quality.

Firstly I think I’ll start by talking about the animation films of 09. Two strong looking family flicks, Up (Pixar) and Monsters vs. Aliens (DreamWorks Studio). Both looking to be big box office flicks like last years Wall-e (Pixar) and get people of all ages loving animated characters again. My only concern is that I think that if both films are shown at the same time then is could spark rivalry between the two companies who have in the past both given audiences great films. I’m looking forward to both films and think they’re going to get much acclaim. Trailer links below for both films.

Next I’m going to talk about a book adaptation that I’m going to have to try to look forward to. Angels & Demons directed by Ron Howard, is based on the best selling book by Dan Brown. Set before The Da Vinci Code (well the book is anyway), Robert Langdon sets out to the Vatican to fight the Illuminati and save the world and get the girl and so on. I read the book before I read The Da Vinci Code and personally thought Angels & Demons was much better it terms of story and characters so hopefully the film will be as well. That’s as long as Mr Howards learns from his mistakes with the first film, if he gets that done and doesn’t rush it then I think it will be a great summer block buster. But that’s only going to happen if they put some effort into it.

Now it’s time to talk about our favourite American psycho Christian Bale (even though he’s Welsh, but you see the joke). He is in three films in 09, Terminator: Salvations, Public Enemies and Killing Pablo. Personally I’m not a big terminator fan however I am loving what I have seen in trailers and development pictures. Really I don’t even know why they felt the need to make another Terminator films after the recent television program Terminator: Sara Connor Chronicles, but Hollywood will never learn. Second we come to Public Enemies directed by Michael Mann and not only stars Christian Bale but the always intense Johnny Depp as well. With these two giants of films in one flick, I know that this will be one of the top films of the year. Also Michael Mann is great with directing two great actors in one film, just look at Heat with Pacino and De Niro.

Now lastly I’m going to talk about an adaptation that was thought to never be made into a film, the classic graphic novel Watchmen (I recommend you take a look at this). Director Zack Snyder (300, Day Of The Dead) seems confident with his work will meet the criteria that fans of the comic will want. Even though the screenplay has been hailed by many to be the most accurate comic to film adaptations ever written (screenplay by David Hayter, that’s right Solid Snake), it has been reported that the ending has been changed. This alone is going to set the fanboy community off in a rage all over the forums but life goes on. There is also been complaints about the costume design, for example Rorschach’s character doesn’t look dirty enough like he is in the comic and how Night Owl II looks like a rip off of Batman. Well I’m still going to pay to go see it because at the end of the day I love the book and if even if the ending has been changed I will then be surprised instead of knowing what’s round the corner (not that I agree with the change, just thinking optimistically).

Oliver Hunt

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