Wednesday, 7 January 2009

#4 Heath Ledger: Oscar Worthy?

The late Heath Ledger is properly most famous for being a gay cowboy, no the Joker, wait or was it Bob Dylan? Who knows, but word around the internet is that people want his performance in last years The Dark Knight to win him an Academy Award. However you must first consider that the Joker was not his greatest role. Much like how the Joker was not Jack Nicolson’s best performance either (it was One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest). What about some of Heath’s best films such as, Candy, I’m Not There and of course Brokeback Mountain.

Back in 06, Heath was up for ‘Best Performance From A Leading Role’ at the Academy Awards, for his fantastic performance in Ang Lee’s classic Brokeback Mountain (2005), but on the night it was taken by Philip Seymour Hoffman for Capote (2005). So if Heath can’t get an Oscar for properly (if not) the best roles of his career then should he win one for The Dark Knight? Is it sympathy vote? If he had not died last year would everyone still love him as much as they do know (I still would because I love the movie and character, but I don’t speak to every one)?

I personally think he should get an Oscar for all his late films that he did (mainly Candy) even though he has won numerous awards such as ‘Best Actor’ at the Austrian Film Institute. The nominations for 09’s Academy Awards have not been named as of yet, but when they are up I will do a blog of who I think should win. Until then I personally think you should watched some of Ledger great films (just not A Knights Tale).

Oliver Hunt

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