Saturday, 10 January 2009

#5 Street Fighter Legend Of Chun Li: What Are They Thinking?

I know, a classic arcade game, tortured. Why? So Hollywood can profit and continue to crush originality. Firstly you would have to go pretty far to not know what ‘Street Fighter’ is, but for those few that don’t, it is a famous arcade game that was first released in the late eighties in Japanese arcades. If you have played or even seen the game you will notice one fundamental thing that makes it practically unable to go from arcades to cinema… the costumes. This is why audiences choose not to go see these films because of the film posters. Take Bison (one of the characters of the game) for example, he wears a big red jump suit with a cape. I personally don’t think that’s movie material, well no ones going to take it seriously.

In 1994, the first Street Fight movie was released and was simply entitled ‘Street Fighter’ (who said Hollywood wasn’t original) and starred several stars including Jean-Claude Van Damme. It received very poor reviews for it’s cheesiness and over acting, and this is a prime example of video game to movie flicks. Like the movie ‘Mortal Kombat’ and other video game-cinema films, they just end in tears. In this day and age you just cannot satisfy the fan-boys, so have producers just given up? I don’t even understand why they have to make these films. With the roster of Street Fighter characters, audiences cannot help but laugh at the actors as they try to take them self’s seriously whilst screaming crazy made up words at each other as some sort of war cry. For those who are dying to watch the trailer the links below.

Street Fighter: Legend Of Chun Li (2009) Official Trailer

And I’m not finished. I think that after ‘Street Fighter: Legend Of Chun Li’ is released it will show producers that video game to cinema flicks should be left alone. With all the video games coming out the vast majority are just too bizzare to make the transition. When a screenplay of a game adaptation hits producers desks over in Hollywood, they just think two things: a) What big stars could it feature, (because people will only see it with someone like Bruce Willis in it); b)how many explosions should it have?

Well I think that we as audiences should refuse to see that high-concept rubbish and go to an arthouse cinema and support independent film makers. Hollywood will never learn to stop making rubbish films, so when will they learn? Granted a lot of great films come out however why cant they all be good? They have the resources to make some great summer flicks but they just pick up the wrong screenplays and make terrible choices with the cast and costumes, ect.

Oliver Hunt

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